Hatboro-Horsham School District Office of Curriculum

Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Professional Development

The Hatboro-Horsham Office of Curriculum oversees development and ongoing improvement in four areas of our schools:

  • Educational Programs: We guide teachers through the design and review of our planned courses of instruction, encouraging connections between subjects for students, making sure that our classes meet expected standards, and helping to select materials for courses.

  • Instruction: We work with teachers and administrators to ensure that how we teach students reflects the best practices of the teaching profession, and to make sure that the delivery of our planned courses matches their design.

  • Assessment: We encourage the use of district-wide common assessments as a way of measuring the effectiveness of our programs for our students and we help with the design, implementation, scoring, and analysis of these. We also help teachers use assessments to plan or revise instruction.

  • Professional Development: We assist in the scheduling and design of activities to provide ongoing learning and improvement for our teachers as they work to meet the needs of all students.

Office of Curriculum Contact Information

David Weber, Ed.D. Director of Curriculum.

David Weber, Ed.D.

Director of Curriculum

Email David Weber

(215) 420-5013

Christine Jenkins

Supervisor of Curriculum

Email Christine Jenkins

(215) 420-5177

 Ryan Thomas, Ed. D. Supervisor of Curriculum and Federal Programs Coordinator.

Ryan Thomas, Ed. D.

Supervisor of Curriculum and Federal Programs Coordinator

Email  Ryan Thomas

(215) 420-5010

Sandra VanDorick, Curriculum Secretary.

Sandra VanDorick

Curriculum Secretary

Email Sandra VanDorick

(215) 420-5009